Edwin Tejero

About: Edwin Tejero

  • Role : Spanish Teacher
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  • Experience : +3 years
  • Specialist in : Spanish

About me

Hello everyone.

My name is Edwin, I am 26 years old and I was born in Mérida Yucatán México. I grew upand lived in Mérida for most of my life, I also lived in Guatemala for a 2-year where I did some communityservice and I taught Spanish, English and how to start a business.

After helping people for over 2 years in Guatemala I decided to come back to México andstart my university degree, I just got my diploma in Business developing and logistics. I have alsocompleted a course in English at Rockford University in Chicago.

I love traveling and meeting new people, I really like to learn new languages and to helpothers to learn my language (Spanish), I believe that is very important to share ourknowledge and culture with everyone.

I am looking forward to meeting you and help you to improve your Spanish.


Music: I like soundtracks from different movies and also to listen to new music fromdifferent countries.

Travel: I love to travel, I have visited some parts in Europe, USA, Centroamerica andSouth America and I am ready for more.

Food: I love all kind of food, not a fan of spicy but besides that, I eat everything.


Spanish : Native - 100%
English: Fluent - 95%
French : Intermediate - 50%