Skype or In person

Learn languages via skype Big Brain Languages offers students ultimate flexibility when it comes to learning a language. We provide both Skype and in person tuition in order to cater for everyone.

Benefits of Big Brain Languages courses via Skype

    • Save time and money on travel.
    • Learn a language with a highly qualified native speaking tutor at a click of a button.
    • One-on-one tuition. Learn at your speed and focus on the topics you want with a personal tutor, instead of following a fixed programme like in a language school.
    • Learn at your convenience and comfort. With online classes there is no fixed time or place. You can have a lesson at the office, at home or even in a park.
    • Learning a language online comes with a wide variety of information. With our courses, you will have a lot of online material at your disposal. Watch videos, read articles and engage in online activities with your tutor.
    • Learn from a real person rather than a computer programme.
    • Learn at the time of your choice. With online classes there is no fixed time or place. You can reserve a lesson at different hours of the day, depending on your schedule.
If you would rather meet our tutors in person, Big Brain Languages can still provide you with lessons. Just contact us telling us where you live and we will see if we have a teacher in your city.