1. I am not very good with technology, would Skype lessons be good for me?
2. I do not want to have classes by Skype, can I have lessons face to face at my house or at a coffee shop?
3. How do I book my Skype lessons?
4. How do I pay?
5. What happens if I cannot attend a lesson that I have already booked? Can I reschedule the class?
6. Can I get a refund if I want to cancel all my lessons?
7. How many classes can I buy?
8. If the teacher has internet problems during the class, what happens?
9. If I have internet problems during the class, what happens?
10. What do I need to start a class?
11. How many classes can I book per week?
12. I am a total beginner, are there any courses for me?
13. Can I reschedule my classes?
14. Do I need to use up my pre-bought classes by a certain date?
15. After the first class am I committed to anything?
16. How much are the classes?
17. When can I start my classes?
18. I do not like my teacher, can I change him/her?
19. Can I have the same teacher for each class?
20. How long is the duration of each class?